Bon Appétit! 7 French Restaurants To Dine With A Group

By Peyton Ladt Sterns February 14, 2018 

We're in the mood...for dinner with friends! On this Valentine's Day, we're turning to the experts - in love and butter - and rounding up our favorite French restaurants in New York City to dine with friends.

Bobo, Main Dining Room
Capacity: 50 Seated, 70 Standing


Bobo is set in an elegant hundred-year-old townhouse in the West Village. The menu is comprised of contemporary versions of seasonal French classics that highlight the best ingredients of the Hudson Valley and Long Island.

Laduree Soho, Pompadour
Capacity: 50 Seated


Come for the macaroons, stay for an elegant dinner.

Claudette, Main Dining Room
Capacity: 75 Seated, 110 Standing


Claudette is a Provençal restaurant in the heart of Greenwich Village, steps from Washington Square Park.

Maman, Salle à Manger

Capacity: 44 Seated, 100 Standing


Maman, a café, restaurant, and event space that serves family-inspired recipes from the South of France and North America, bringing to life both savory and sweet childhood favorites from Michelin star chef, Armand Arnal.

Lafayette, Salle Privee
Capacity: 20 Seated


Lafayette is an everyday grand café and bakery in ceremony of French cooking at the corner of Lafayette Street and Great Jones Street in downtown Manhattan. The main dining room, bakery and two private dining suites are housed inside an iconic landmark NoHo building.

Dirty French, Main Dining Room
Capacity: 100 Seated, 175 Standing


Dirty French is a New York bistro created by Major Food Group’s Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick. The restaurant takes its culinary cues from the timeless dishes and preparations of the classic French bistro and enlivens them utilizing modern techniques and bold flavors.

Indochine, Large Table
Capacity: 20 Seated


French-Vietnamese fare is served amid exotic decor of palm fronds & low light at this 80s-era spot. Celeb-sighting highly likely.

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