Rachel Jo Silver of Love Stories TV Answers: The Bashed Q&A

By Peyton Ladt Sterns February 13, 2018 

Rachel Jo Silver is the Founder and CEO of Love Stories TV — basically your place to binge-watch wedding videos with no judgement. She sits down with Bashed to tell us more about it and give us her go-to venues in NYC for her favorite occasions.

Photo Credit: Shane + Lauren Photography

What is Love Stories TV and why did you decide to start it?

Love Stories TV is a media company building the world's largest library of real wedding videos.  

What did you do in your former life before Love Stories TV?

I was the Director of Social Marketing and Content Strategy at Birchbox.  

Do you have a favorite LSTV video in NYC?

Yes! Actually these are my friends Kyle and Sabrina. I was at their wedding 🙂

What’s your advice for choosing a venue for a wedding event?

Start by watching wedding videos! Lol, but really. It's the best way to narrow down a few places that you like before going to visit them. Not only will it save you time, but you can go into the venue visit with specific questions or point to specific weddings that match your aesthetic.

What are your picks for where to have the following event occasions in NYC:

Bridal Shower: Maman Tribeca. It's just the prettiest and screams shower.

Bachelorette PartyTijuana Picnic and their tiki drinks! And then head to the dance floor downstairs.

Engagement PartyThe Meatball Shop. Because... meatballs mean "it's a celebration!".

Rehearsal Dinner: If you were getting married in Brooklyn I would suggest Quality Meats. I love their menu, cocktails, and the vibe of the restaurant. 

Post-Wedding Brunch: La Pecora Bianca

First date night as a married couple: Scarpetta

And finally, if you could invite 7 people to dinner, who would that be? 

My husband, brother, best friend Katie, my mom, dad, grandmother and  grandfather. It's all in the family!

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