New Year, New Birthday: 20 Places To Have It

By Peyton Ladt Sterns February 7, 2018 

Birthdays are a blast, but hunting for the right venue can be a bust. That's why we hit the streets of NYC to find the best venues for your birthday party. Check out the list below for venues with capacity for under 30, 50, 75 and over 100.

30 People or Less

Freemans, The Blue Room
Capacity: 20 Seated, 30 Standing


We love Freemans because of its unassuming entrance (through an obscure alley in the LES) that allows for a casual wow factor once you step in. The first floor is the main restaurant but upstairs, you'll find a whole other world of cocktails and private rooms.

The Winslow, Back Room
Capacity: 35 Standing


If you like gin, British food, and a casual vibe, this spot is for you. We also like that the private room is enclosed by windows so you can have your own space, and the atmosphere of the bar, too.

Raines Law Room at The William, Bar Room
Capacity: 20 Seated, 30 Standing


Located inside The William Hotel, The Bar Room with cozy lounge furniture by a marble fireplace, is a welcome respite from the city streets of Midtown.

La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturals, Grand Room
Capacity: 25 Standing


From the folks that brought you Experimental Cocktail Club, this wine bar has a more authentic feel than most, while being super laid back. The wine may be the star of the show, but the food manages to steal the spotlight.

50 People or Less

Casa Neta, Sugar Skull Room
Capacity: 40 Standing


Be like George Clooney and bring all of your casAMIGOS to this restaurant that serves Mexican small plates and yes, tequila.

Casa Apicii, Second Floor
Capacity: 30 Seated, 50 Standing


This space has an old New York feel for a reason: it's a 19th century townhouse converted into a restaurant. While the first floor serves as a fun cocktail bar and restaurant, you can escape the crowds and have your own intimate gathering upstairs.

Empellon Taqueria, Private Room
Capacity: 30 Seated, 50 Standing


If you somehow aren't having a good time here, the mini bottles of tequila strategically placed on each table will make sure you do...need we say more?

Fedora, Buyout
Capacity: 30 Seated, 55 Standing


This bar/contemporary supper club is always a good time - so why not make it all your own?

Slowley Shirley at The Happiest Hour, Private Room
Capacity: 55 Standing


Slowly Shirley is an elegant subterranean cocktail sanctuary below The Happiest Hour. The soundtrack of the space features genre's like Exotica and Space Age Jazz so you can have your birthday cocktail with a side of music-ed.

The Meatball Shop, Underballs Private Room
Capacity: 32 Seated, 50 Standing


The name of this venue is enough to make anyone crack a smile, and the quality food and fun vibe of The Meatball Shop will keep your face and belly grinning.

Saxon + Parole, Wine Cellar
Capacity: 42 Seated, 45 Standing


Upstairs may have a Manhattan on tap, but downstairs in the vault is the secluded Wine Cellar. The South meets the City in at Saxon + Parole and it's a match made in heaven.

75 People or Less

Ghost Donkey
Capacity: 70 Standing


This mezcal and tequila bar is big enough to have a party but small enough to feel intimate. The staff is always having a great time and they'll make sure your party does too.

Aria Wine Bar, Semi-private Space
Capacity: 70 Standing 70


This rustic Italian wine bar specializes in unique Italian tapas and is home to some of the finest Italian wines.

The Smith, Private Room
Capacity: 50 Seated, 75 Standing


This step-above casual American Brasserie is a well oiled machine - we're featuring their space in Nomad here but in truth, any of the locations will serve you well.

The Lambs Club, Stanford White Studio
Capacity: 36 Seated, 65 Standing


The Lambs Club is a New York staple when nothing less than a dry martini will do. The space is sweetly sophisticated and boasts an outdoor terrace to boot.

Fig 19, Buyout
Capacity: 80


Nestled behind an unassuming door in one of the Lower East Side’s chicest galleries lies an intimate, chandelier lit speakeasy by the name of Fig. 19. Handsome in its aesthetic, Fig. 19 unfurls with dark wood accents, leather sofas, taxidermy and twinkling candles creating a unique space reminiscent of an old world drawing room

100 People or More

Blue Smoke, Jazz Standard
Capacity: 100


Jazz takes the main stage here and the all-American beverage menu complements the Southern cooking with a wide range of whiskeys, wines, cocktails, and craft beers from coast to coast.

The Modern, Buyout
Capacity: 120 Seated, 250 Standing


Who said you can't have your art and eat it too? The Modern is located within the Museum of Modern Art and has refined, unexpectedly playful dishes.

The Wythe Hotel, Outdoor Garden
Capacity: 70 Seated, 150 Standing


The Wythe Hotel was created inside of a former cooperage built in 1901, and the Outdoor Garden is an open-air brick-walled courtyard with rich original character and European tiled floor. It's perfect for an outdoor dinner or standing birthday party - away from the buzz of Manhattan and on the water.

Wythe Outdoor Garden

La Sirena, North Cabana
Capacity: 200 Seated, 300 Standing


We love this space at La Sirena because the retractable glass roof opens the space during warmer months and provides year-round weather protection.

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