10 Places to Host A Baby Shower

By Peyton Ladt Sterns January 31, 2018 

One of the adventures of living in New York City is constantly needing to outsource spaces for major events in our lives, i.e. baby showers. Lucky for us, we live in a time where the popularity of social media is driving restaurant owners to put design at the forefront of their checklist to create "Instagrammable moments"  for their patrons, and that's just what you'll find in this round up of the best venues for hosting a baby shower.

Laduree, Winter Garden
Capacity: 30 Seated


Ladureé poses as a macaroon cafe in the front, but a short walk back reveals one of the most beautiful dining rooms and gardens in the city. If Marie Antoinette had a baby in 2018, this is where she'd eat cake.

Leuca, Private Dining Room
Capacity: 26 Seated


Located in The William Vale Hotel, this room serves as a beautiful backdrop to a baby shower brunch. Who needs a cake when the blue walls can serve as your gender reveal.

The Kitchen Table, Loft
Capacity: 26 Seated, 40 Standing


The Kitchen Table is the perfect option if you want to feel like you're sitting at a dining room table in a home, but don't have a dining room table in your home. Plus, you can work with the venue to select a specific chef and cuisine to fit your needs. Did we mention Blake Lively bakes cookies here?

Sadelle's, Communal Table
Capacity: 18 Seated


If you'd rather have your shower in the mix of the restaurant, the communal table at Sadelle's is the perfect choice. The restaurant is sizable with very high ceilings which give it more of a grand room effect. Did we mention the hand-rolled bagels and Russian caviar on the menu? Enough said.

Maialino, Private Room
Capacity: 24 Seated


If food is the most important element of your shower, this is where you want to be. Inspired by the rustic cuisine of Rome’s distinct neighborhoods, Maialino is a trattoria reimagined for present day New York City. Oh, and it overlooks Gramercy Park - so that's a treat.

Flower Girl, Buyout
Capacity: 12 Seated, 24 Standing


At Flower Girl, you are literally turning a Flower Shop into your dream shower setting. This ethereal shop is filled with customers by day but on nights and special weekends, they open their space up for private events - something you want to take advantage of. Sip champagne, eat tea sandwiches and make flower crowns here.

Reynard, Alcove
Capacity: 12 Seated


Reynard is a delicious American eatery located in the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. The Alcove area is perfect for an intimate shower with a relaxed atmosphere.

Sarabeth's, Private Dining Room
Capacity: 50 Standing


Sarabeth's is a well-oiled Tribeca Mom scene. It's spacious enough for strollers and delivers on both elegance and good food.

Charlie Bird, Private Room
Capacity: 14 Seated, 14 Standing


You may have dined at Charlie Bird, but did you know they have a private dining room in the back? We like this room because it plays well for brunch and dinner with the street view window in the room. Did we mention they typically serve their pasta with a side of hip hop?

Maman, Private Room
Capacity: 24 Seated, 30 Standing


This French-inspired cafe, restaurant and event space will have everything you need to have your guests saying "this was perfect". Read more about Maman and the inspiration behind the venue here.

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    Great reading and extremely comprehensive post – pretty much covers everything...

  • Ilene says:

    Are there any new restaurants or private rooms you would recommend for a baby shower?

  • Peyton Ladt Sterns

    Chocolate chip cookies are my spirit animal.

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