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By Peyton Ladt Sterns January 30, 2018 


If you're reading this right now, chances are you've found yourself on a Saturday morning, scouring the internet while on a never-ending text chain with your friends on where to have brunch... and you've been here before. Stop what you're doing, close out the 10 tabs of web-browsing research, and follow Jeremy Jacobowtiz' mouth-watering account, Brunch Boys. The no-holds-bar, will try anything once, library of brunching. Jeremy stopped by Bashed to spill on the inspiration behind BrunchBoys, and his favorite spots you need to know about.

How did Brunch Boys come to be? 

I was a Food TV Producer who was bored between gigs and just wanted something fun to work on between shows.  It really wasn't supposed to be anything other then a creative outlet to make fun brunch videos!  Certainly not a food Instagram.

Do you like to cook at home or do you feel pressure to constantly be out? If yes, what’s your go-to meal to cook at home? 

Its pretty rare that I cook at home.  It doesn't mean I'm at a restaurant every night, but I usually grab a salad or something easy and healthy from a fast-casual restaurant in my area.

Tell us your favorite brunch spots:

To Go With Friends: Pig and Khao

To Go with Family: Barbuto

Most underrated: Rider

Best Bacon Egg and Cheese: David Burke Kitchen

For a Boozy Brunch: Tijuana Picnic

When we want to avoid the crowds: Lighthouse

If you could only have this one meal for the rest of your life… 

Sushi!  I know, not what you would expect.

If you could have brunch with 7 people, dead or alive, who would it be?

Drake, Bobby Flay, Donald Glover, Rob Thomas, Obama, Orson Welles, Vince McMahon

Brunch Boys on Instagram

What are the food trends that are here to stay? What’s going to go? 

GOOD FOOD! I think pure trends just for their looks, are very 2016.  People got over the rainbow bagel once they tasted it.  So I think the trend is to have the food be really fun, but also really tasty, and that trend never ends.

Any hints or sneak peaks at what’s coming up next for Brunch Boys? 

Just brunching more and more!  I'm trying to ramp up the videos, feature some more brunch that isn't just in NYC, and work more with different media outlets so I can share my love of brunch beyond just what I do on Instagram!

To Follow Jeremy and Brunch Boys, head here.

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