Friday Faves

By Peyton Ladt Sterns January 26, 2018 

photo courtesy of Food 52

Are you ready for the weekend? We are! But not before we share some of our favorite things in food, drinks, and all things kitchen beautiful from around the web.

The perfect antidote to the cold.

Have you tried a precision cooker? We got one as a gift and promptly got it for half of our Christmas list this year…

When you need a marshmallow the size of your face with a touch of hot chocolate, head here.

Because when it comes to Jon Hamm, we want to know everything – especially his desert habits.

Going forward, this is the only birthday cake we want.

The great debate on peanut butter: creamy vs. crunchy. What’s your preference?

Currently coveting these card holders.

Padma Likshmi of Top Chef, is creating a capsule collection with M.A.C.

In case you missed it this week...


The Bashed Q&A with Elisa Marshall, owner and designer of Maman. Read Here.

Where to Have Your Super Bowl Party in NYC. Read Here.

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