Where to Have Your Super Bowl Party

By Peyton Ladt Sterns January 25, 2018 

On February 4th, our modern-day gladiators will take center stage for The Big Game. Whether you're a die-hard fan of football or you just come for the dip, commercials, and Justin Timberlake, it's the best Sunday of the year to beat the Sunday-scaries. That's why we've rounded up the best places to rent for your Super Bowl Sunday.

The Ainsworth, Chelsea: Backlounge
Capacity: 30 Seated, 100 Standing


If you find yourself at any of The Ainsworth restaurants on Superbowl, you'll be golden.
These venues take the term "sports bar" to a whole new level, offering high def TV's to watch your favorite teams, phenomenal burgers, all set in a glam-meets-rustic decor. It's basically the sports bars that even your girlfriend will like. Touchdown.

Printers Alley, Private Room
Capacity: 60 Standing


We don't usually run to Times Square for our weekend hangs, but this Nashville inspired Restaurant/Bar is worth the trip and a ton of fun. Rent out one of the "stages" on the upper level, or this private room for your closest 60 friends.

The Winslow, Banquet Tables or Back Room


Calling all gin lovers: The Winslow offers the East Village a fresh take on the traditional public house. The U.K.-inspired eatery and modern gin joint features an impressive beverage program, flavorsome specialty cocktails and an extensive Gin List.

Photo Credit: Bridget Badore

Atwood Kitchen & Bar: Upstairs Loft
Capacity: 60 Seated, 110 Standing


The "official New England Patriots Bar" is a place you can go to in Midtown, and not feel like you're in Midtown. Oh, and they've won awards for their mac and cheese...so you may come for the football and stay for the food.

Boulton and Watt


Welcome to your gastropub-meets-sports-bar. We love this spot because it feels more like home than your typical football-watching joint. Plus, it serves up a mix of American and English comfort food late into the night.

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