This Week On Bashed: Picnics, Coffee Shops, and Green Eggs and Ham

By Peyton Ladt Sterns August 3, 2017 

This Week on Bashed

Egg Shop Gets A Second Home in Williamsburg

If you've been to Egg Shop once, you've been several times because it's THAT good. From their traditional BEC to their Crab Toast Benedict (YUM), the food always delivers. And now, with their newly minted home in Williamsburg just off the L train, there's plenty of space for all of your friends, and then some.

IMG_8772 (small).jpg

BrusselBowl.jpgIMG_9017 (small).jpg

Occasions It's Perfect For:

Bridal Showers

Baby Showers

Post-Wedding Brunches

Dinner with Friends

Find A Slice of Heaven at Haven's Kitchen

From the outside, it looks like your typical coffee shop that has the charm factor down pat. What you may not realize is that they have two gorgeous spaces on the second floor of their carriage house-style spot. Each event and menu is specially curated and sure to feel one-of-a-kind.

Living Room Second Floor 3.jpg

Photographer Sarah Bode-Clarke Table Overhead.jpg


Occasions it's Perfect For:

Bridal Shower

Engagement Party

Pop Up Brand Event

Rehearsal Dinner

It's Time for a Mexican Dance Off at Tijuana Picnic

Eat upstairs, dance downstairs. This spot is the perfect place to spend a Saturday night with friends for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorettes, or just because it's the weekend. And if you really don't want to leave, just come back Sunday for brunch, they do that well, too.

TP ground floor.jpg

TP downstairs.jpg

Occasions it's Perfect For:

Birthday Party

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Getting the Gang Together

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