Why We Do What We Do

By Peyton Ladt Sterns June 22, 2017 

Hey Friends and Fellow Food & Party Lovers!

We're Bashed, and we're here to make discovering, connecting and planning your next group event a total breeze.

Why? Because We've Been There. 

  • That time when your boss asks you to find her a private room for super important clients. Oh, and by the way, it needs to be gluten free, but meat heavy. Located uptown but with a downtown feel... and can you make sure it has a private restroom nearby?
  • Or, when your buddy comes to town and asks you to find a place where he and his 25 closest friends in NYC can casually gather.
  • How about when your fiancé has done all of the planning for your big day - but the post-wedding brunch is on you?
  • And most importantly, when you want to throw yourself a really rad birthday dinner.


Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

That's why we created Bashed. Consider us your super-plugged in friend who knows the ins-and-outs of restaurants in NYC and happens to LOVE to plan. We've scoured the streets, vetted the venues and created a platform for you to find and connect with the perfect venue for your event.

How Does It Work?

Head over to www.bashed.co enter in your event time, budget, number of people cuisine, and other important details and we'll return a list of venues in the city that match your criteria.

From there, you can review photos of the space, capacity, minimum spend requirements by day and meal time, and complete the Event Request Form on the venue page to continue to learn more about your options and complete the reservation.

Need a little more hand holding? 

Our concierge team is standing by to help answer questions and point you in the right direction. Chat us up on our website.


If you want us to plan your event for you, from research, to price negotiation and securing additional services (flowers, DJs, photographers) - we'll do that too for a small fee. Email reservations@bashed.co to get started today.


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