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Up to 18 seated, 24 standing
Up to 40 Seated, 70 Standing
Up to 42 seated, 45 standing
Up to 14 seated, 60 standing
Up to 30 seated, 40 standing
Up to 12 Seated
Up to 30 Seated, 55 Standing
Up to 28 seated, 30 standing
Up to 70 standing
Up to 130 Seated, 200 Standing
Up to 75 Seated, 75 Standing
Up to 70 Seated, 150 Standing
Up to 90 standing
Up to 50 seated, 70 standing
Up to 30 seated, 75 standing
Up to 16 Seated
Up to 48 People Seated
Up to 85 Seated, 125 Standing
Up to 60 seated, 80 standing
Up to 65 seated, 80 standing

Tijuana Picnic hosts a variety of private events in both the ground-floor restaurant and the downstairs lounge. Buyout packages feature a beverage offering which includes premium open bar, specialty cocktails, and red and white wine. Events at Tijuana Picnic typically take the format of a cocktail reception with passed appetizers, a seated dinner served family-style, or a combination of the two.

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